Custom HD Double Drawer Upright Trunk-W206-DP68-610


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Custom HD Double Drawer Upright Trunk-W206-DP68-610

Double Upright Option #3 has a combination of drawer sizes and the organizer tray assembly and has plenty of room for all your sports, athletic and road equipment! Plus, it will fit easily in cargo bays of buses, airplanes and over the road shipping.


ATA Trunk and Case Construction ready for heavy duty shipping and use.

  • Inside dimensions: 23.25″ L x 35″ D x 38″ H
  • Outside dimensions: (including casters) 24.75″ L x 36.5″ D x 45″ H

Plastic Drawers: All drawers include adjustable dividers for organization. 

  • (1) One- 6″ Deep Drawers – 22.00” Long and 17.00” Wide x 6.00” High
  • (5) Five- 8″ Deep Drawers – 22.00” Long and 17.00” Wide x 8.00” High
  • (1) One-10″ Deep Drawers – 22.00” Long and 17.00” Wide x 10.00” High

  Organizer Pull-Outs:

       4-ProLatch Organizer Trays (removable): 15” x 11.25” x 2.25” each

        With 8″-6″-3″ Wide Plastic Trays w/Adjustable Dividers


  • (8) Eight Heavy Duty Phenolic 2″ wide x 4″ dia. casters: All heavy duty double upright cases come standard with phenolic casters. These casters are great for hard surfaces and each caster has a 700 pound rating.
For easy rolling on fields—upgrade to our Turf Tires.

 Custom ATA Heavy Duty Construction:

  • Case Material 3/8″ panel ABS plastic laminated Exterior and Interior.
  • Washable ABS Plastic on all inside and outside exposed surfaces.
  • (1) One Recessed key lock or padlock hasp.
  • (8) Eight Recessed Handles, Spring loaded and rubber grips.
  • Case Weight 195 Lbs. (approx) 

See: Option Page for Available Accessories-Upgrade Turf Tires-Add-On Equipment

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Weight195 lbs
Dimensions28 × 40 × 50 in