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Travel Cases with TagAlong Telescoping Handle Cases

Des Pac Equipment cases have telescoping handles mounted in your TagAlong custom travel trade show or demo case this is a real-life saver. When comes to you loading, moving, and reloading your travel/show/demo case.

TagAlong came size just about any way you wish. Just tell what you are needing, and we work to make that happen.

The TagAlong Cases are constructed to allow the handle to be replaced without removing the outside back panel. You only need to open the inside back panel and remove the currently installed handle and replace it with a new handle.

The TagAlong Cases Edge Wheels are mounted in a welded steel frame (not plastic like most) and has a removable steel axle bolt. To replace a broken or flat spotted wheel you unscrew the axle bolt and remove the wheel and install the new axle bolt. The new wheel kit comes with a special new axle bolt. You discard the old bolt because it will not lock in place again and will unscrewed causing the wheel to come loose.

We can design a shipping or travel case build in about any custom travel case and it can have built-in storage areas as mobile workstation, demo product area, drawers, shelves, trays, organizers and custom foam interiors.

All our travel road and shipping cases are designed to be extra safe to handle multi loading, shipping, unloading safely time after time!

Des Pac Equipment Cases has a wide range of custom and stock cases and containers to meet the shipping needs of many industries, including the healthcare, aerospace, athletic, entertainment, trade show and personal cases.

In Fact-custom case design and construction make up about 80% of all the cases we build and sell.

We also offer custom cases with interior protective foam design and build to your exact specifications.

Custom protective interior foam for aerospace devices, laser lab gear and any product needing protection with shock reduced to prevent interior damage in case of a drop off a curb or truck.

We all know it’s going to happen- it’s inevitable with a high level of certainty but with proper foam padding the interior content will remain undamaged the quality of being reliably

We work closely with our customers to reach the proper design for their custom shipping case. We address their specific packaging pain points while remaining aware of their budget and deadlines. We like the challenge and innovation of the perfect case that will safely transport all products of fragile, heavy, and/or expensive equipment.

Customers can review the dimensions of their custom shipping case before the start of building the case, they may also select the case laminate color, interior lining, labeling, security features, and mobility and stacking options. Plus, shipping methods and delivery timing.

There is an extensive selection of add-on hardware and features, including lift-out trays, caster, rack frames, drawers, shelves, pull-out keyboards, trap doors, single or dual ramps, power color coated hardware and metals, pressure relief valves all available for each of your case project.

Custom foam interiors can be designed to fit and protect your device or product from the hard drops, knocks and slams that the truckers will inevitably do to your cases while in transit or storage.

Shipping Cases don’t have to be heavy to be tough!

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Review our custom case designs at Examples of Custom Cases: Custom Case Examples